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Predator Kernel

Ядро Predator Kernel 5.7

Нет прав для скачивания

Ядро для Xiaomi Redmi Note 7/7S.
Our aim is to Provide a Stable Kernel with Innovative and Exclusive Features! Our Kernel has some of the Finest Tweaks & Optimizations along with New Exclusive Features that is Never introduced Before for Redmi Note 7/S!

Predator Kernel is based on Finest and Efficient Heterogeneous Multi-Processing Algorithm!

Predator Kernel Should be Flashed on Android 10(Q) Roms[Not on MIUI Q] and Android 9(Pie) Roms !
MIUI Pie and Pie Roms are Supported and Android 10 Roms are supported!
[Note: MIUI Q is not supported yet!]

1. Introduced Exclusive Governors!
=> Intelliactive
=> Interactive X
=> Darkness
=>(Other Governors->Interactive, Conservative, Ondemand, User space,Power save)
2. Introduced New Efficient I/O Schedulers
=> Maple
=> Anxiety
=> Zen
=>(Other Schedulers->CFQ,NO-OP,Deadline)
3. Thermal Mod Added(Thermal Profiling Based on Usage)
4. CPU Boost
5. CAF Boost
6. Schedtune Boost
7. Core Control & Core Boost
8. GPU Control
9. Swap On & Haptic Feedback Control
10. Scheduler Tuning
11. TCP Congestion Algorithm
=> Cubic and Reno
10. Upstreamed and Latest 4.4.208 Kernel
11. Security Enhancements
12. Bug Fixed & Patches
13. Optimizations and Enhancements For Battery & Performance

Installation Instructions
Use any of your favourite Recovery to install this Kernel. No need to format or wipe anything, Just normally flash this zip and reboot! Also no need to reflash magisk, Magisk Survival Patch is included in the Kernel. включен в ядро.

Version 2.0
-->Latest Patches Merged!
-->Latest Upstreamed 4.4.208 Kernel
-->Security Enhancements
-->Stock Stability
-->Tweaks & Optimization For Stability, Performance & Battery
-->Magisk Patch is added and Ui Print is now more easy to understand!
-->Removed the dirty plus sign from local kernel version
Version 1.0
-->New Governors
-->New Io-schedulers
-->Mods and tweaks added
-->Upstreamed & Updated
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