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Predator Kernel

Ядро Predator Kernel 5.7

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Predator Kernel V5.7
Updated: 13/03/2020

• MIUI Q is not supported!
• Read the Changelog to know which version you should flash
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5.3-C Stable

5.3 Stable

5.3 MIUI

Различие версий:
• 5.3-Stable (Для прошивок со старыми блобами)
• 5.3-C (Для прошивок с последними блобами)
• 5.3-MIUI (Только для MIUI)
• Upstreamed to Latest 4.4.212
• Disabled wakelocks which were causing battery drain.
• Added BFQ I/O Scheduler.
• Upated CFQ I/O Scheduler.
• Reduced idle drain.
• Enabled power efficient workques system wide.
• Disabled debugging and logging for increased performance.
• Disabled CRC Check for faster file operation.
• Optimized arm64 architecture for faster operation.
• Disabled unnecessary overheads for increased performace.
• Fixed mako hotplug warnings.
• Added FSYNC Toggle and also it is enabled by default
• Various optimzation for smoothness and battery and stability

Important Notes:
- Predator without Cam Patch => For Custom Roms which are using Old Vendor Blobs!(Most Common as 95% roms are still using old blobs. If after flashing Predator-5.2 without cam patch, camera don't work , then flash Predator-5.2 with cam patch Variant! Camera will work surely! 100% Tested!

- Predator With Cam Patch => For MIUI and MIUI Based Roms(Important: Miui Q is still not supported yet) and custom roms which are using latest vendor blobs!(Currently ,very less amount of Roms are using latest blobs. Some Examples are: LOS 17.1 by Amulya X, Official Evolution X Rom, Havoc OS Latest Official etc.) If after flashing Predator-5.2 with cam patch, camera doesn't work, then flash Predator-5.2 without cam patch. Camera will work 100%
• Upstreamed to Latest 4.4.211 Kernel

• Increased Read-ahead (File operations will be faster)

• Battery Tweaks are added:

- More Accurate Battery Calculation

- Panel tweaks for battery saving

- Panel analog dimming

- More efficient scheduling

- Removed unnecessary wakeups

- Prevent abnormal battery usage by apps

• Introducing Westwood TCP and it is also default now!

• Introducing Adreno Idler for better GPU efficiency and power saving

• Introducing powersuspend in kernel

• Introducing Mako Hotplugging Solution

• Introducing USB Force Fast Charge
Изменения :
• Wi-Fi Speed Enhancements & Wi-Fi Speed Throttling Bug Fixed!
• Upstreamed to Latest 4.4.210 Kernel!
• Security Enhancements & More Optimization for Battery